Mission Statement

Vision Mission Goals

Academic Achievement, Community-building, and Stewardship -- Challenge and Support for All Learners

Mission & Goals
Students achieve academic, personal, and social goals in a challenging educational program. The environmental focus encourages students to participate in creating and maintaining healthy environments for learning and living. Students benefit from a sense of belonging, purposeful learning, and opportunities to develop as leaders, stewards and responsible citizens.

Beliefs & Practices
Students achieve academic, personal, and social goals when they participate actively in challenging, meaningful, and engaging projects and activities.

Students thrive in an educational community that involves parents, local businesses, and organizations as partners in teaching and learning.

Stewardship and service-learning provide students with positive community mentors, opportunities to mentor others, introduction to a variety of careers, and the rewarding experience of contributing to their community and world.

Curriculum and instruction have lasting significance when organized thematically around enduring concepts and ideas that engage students in investigation, discovery, problem-solving, and decision-making related to real-life issues and events.

Students need meaningful opportunities to communicate in various forms, work as members of a team, and to select and use appropriate tools and technologies for their projects and learning.