Quick Facts

  • EAS has a rigorous middle school curriculum that will challenge your active learner.
  • EAS is a 6th - 8th grade middle school open to students who reside within the Lake Washington School District boundaries.
  • EAS maintains a total base enrollment of 140 students (6th, 7th, and 8th grades combined).
  • EAS classes are multi-grade (mix of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders) in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, STEM, Art and Fitness.  These multi-grade classes are referred to as Integrated groups.
  • Curriculum at EAS is organized by theme instead of grade level. Due to the spiraling 3-year curriculum cycle at EAS, it is important that students who enroll in 6th grade commit to enrollment for the full three years of middle school to prevent significant gaps in critical LWSD middle school content.
  • Adventure Education (camps and trips), Community Stewardship, and Wednesday Electives are requisite core components of overall academics at EAS. Students may not opt out of these essential components of the EAS integrated curriculum.
  • Parent involvement and financial support are essential to the successful operation of the school.
  • Costs associated with the Adventure Education, Community Stewardship, and Wednesday Electives programs exceed the per pupil allotment provided by LWSD and Washington State.  The ongoing operation of these core programs is therefore dependent upon other funding sources including parent contributions and grants.
  • Volunteerism is important in our ability to secure grant funding which support EAS's overall program costs.
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Connections to Finn Hill Middle School

EAS is a separate and autonomous school that is physically located on the same campus as Finn Hill Middle School (FHMS). EAS has its own administrative office, classrooms, restrooms, and student lockers. EAS students have access to the campus cafeteria, library, gym, and fields. EAS students are eligible for before and after school sports and activities at FHMS. EAS students follow the same campus rules as FHMS students. Campus organized safety and emergency procedures are in place for both schools. We strive for pleasant and respectful relations with all Finn Hill Middle School staff and students