April Adventures

  • EAS teachers aim to make each April Adventure trip unique, educational, adventurous, and fun-filled.  
  • April Adventures are an integral part of the EAS curriculum and, as such, are not optional.  All students participate.
  • Trips must fill to a minimum number of students to take place and are not the same from year-to-year.
  • Every trip is reviewed by LWSD Risk Management for approval.

Medications for April Adventures

Medications and associated paperwork must be turned into the office no later than April 3rd.  

Full details regarding medication requirements can be viewed here.

April Adventures 2024

Announcing April Adventures 2024!  

  • Coastal Adventure '24 with Mr. Healy
  • OR Rocks, OR Sand and OR Waves with Mr. Rose 
  • Salish Sea Kayak 2.0 with Ms. Andrada
  • East Coast Chronicles with Ms. Minato & Mr. Hamilton

Explore all the details here

Packing Lists

  • Coastal Adventure '24 - packing list coming soon!
  • OR Rocks, OR Sand and OR Waves - packing list coming soon! 
  • Salish Sea Kayak 2.0 - packing list coming soon!
  • East Coast Chronicles - packing list coming soon!