Beyond the Classroom

Experiential learning is an essential component of the integrated EAS curriculum. Student learning and growth happens both in and outside the classroom.

climbing wall


All EAS students participate in three Adventure Education weeks each school year:

Fall Camp (Camp Hamilton)
The whole school spends a week at Fall Camp in Western Washington in early September on an outdoor adventure and community-building excursion.

April Adventures
In the Spring, students participate in one of a variety of smaller group expeditions, each lead by an EAS teacher, focusing on environmental, historical, and cultural experiences.

End of Year Camp (Bowman Bay)
In early June, the entire school participates in a week of tent camping, boating, hiking and outdoor adventuring at one of the waterside state parks in Western Washington.

Outdoor adventures are related to school and academic goals. Adventure learning opportunities are designed to promote:

  • Group culture, spirit, and camaraderie
  • Cooperation, collaboration, and shared leadership
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Responsibility to self and community
  • Personal challenge, exploration and growth
  • Understanding of interrelationships within environments
  • Communication and mentoring skills
  • Application of academic learning
stewardship work


All EAS students participate in two 4-day blocks of Community Stewardship Projects (CSP) during the school year. A variety of projects provides students with opportunities for active involvement in both environmental and social stewardship in their community. CSPs involve both hands-on learning and extensive research. Following each session, CSP groups present what they have learned and accomplished to the rest of the school. By the end of their 8th grade year, students have completed over 140 hours of community stewardship. Partnerships with individuals and community organizations provide EAS students, staff and parents with expertise, training and support for various projects. CSP also provides EAS students many opportunities to teach and guide others, as well as opportunities to work in partnership with adult mentors and community organizers. Both environmental and social program opportunities are offered each stewardship session.



Students at EAS have the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of elective classes on Wednesday afternoons. Wednesday Electives are coordinated by EAS teaching staff in partnership with parent and community volunteers. Wednesday Electives include offerings in the following areas:

  • Technology
  • Performing Arts
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Hobbies

Classes take place both on and off campus, chaperoned by parents. Class facilitators are highly qualified and experienced in their specific disciplines.