Core subjects at EAS include Language Arts, Social Studies, Science/STEM, Math, Spanish, Art, Fitness and Health. Technology is taught and used across all subject areas.

Subject material taught in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science/STEM, and Art are integrated around common themes. The blocks of time dedicated to these classes are referred to as Integrated Studies blocks. Students are divided into four multi-grade groups that rotate through Integrated Studies classes. Integrated studies themes spiral over three years.

Students weighing an item in science class

Integrated Studies

Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, STEM, and Art

Standards outlined in the LWSD Curriculum Framework for Level 3 (6th through 8th grades) are met in a three-year cycling of connected themes as outlined below.

Year A - Where Have the Salmon Gone?

Language Arts/Social Studies
Science / STEM
Trimester 1
The Pacific Northwest and World Geography
Washington State Regions
Salmon (life cycle, habitat, related issues) ;
Geology; structures/models/building component
Trimester 2
Washington State Culture and History
CBA: Investigating Environmental Issues in WA State
Ecology & Ecosystems, Population Biology ;
Earthquakes/ volcanoes
Trimester 3
Washington State Government
Sockeye Salmon Story
Natural resources & Environmental issues ;
Green sustainable design

Year B - Becoming “U.S.”

Trimester 1
Personal Development
U.S. Colonization 1550-1650
Life Processes, Nervous & Endocrine systems ;
Digestive system
Trimester 2
Pre-Revolution; Causes of Conflict CBA
U.S. Colonization 1650-1750
Cells & Genetics ;
Human development; Muscle, circulatory system
Trimester 3
The American Revolution
Geographic characteristics of U.S. Regions
Classification; 6 kingdoms ;
Virus Science

Year C – Boundaries and Horizons

Trimester 1
U.S. Constitution CBA
Lewis and Clark
Science Processes, Properties of Matter ;
Astronomy & solar power
Trimester 2
Civil War through Reconstruction
Westward Expansion: Liberty and Justice for All?
Force and Motion ;
Weather Forecasting/hot air balloons
Trimester 3
1920’s to the Present
U.S. Immigration
Forms of Energy (w/ emphasis on Light) ;
Climate regions; CO2 dragsters


Other Subjects / Additional Curriculum Information