Wednesday Electives

Exploring areas of interest and learning from community and parent experts.

EAS has a unique elective program that takes place on Wednesdays. Wednesday Elective sessions run six to seven weeks and provide the opportunity for students to try something new for a limited amount of time. Elective offerings generally fall into a few key catagories:

Sports & Fitness
Orienteering, hiking, running, biking, tennis, pickle ball, bowling, team sports, vertical world/climbing, golf, sports conditioning, beach volleyball, parkour, yoga, martial arts, flag football

Arts & Crafts
Pottery, painting, drawing, flower arranging, calligraphy, knitting, sewing, cooking, cake decorating, jewelry making, candy making, photography

Music & Creative Expression
Tap dance, guitar, ukulele, drama/improv, hip hop dance, yearbook

Programming, robotics, drafting, digital photography, video production, game development

Gardening, magic, strategy games 

Parent volunteers are essential for the success of the Wednesday Electives program.