April Adventures

  • EAS teachers aim to make each April Adventure trip unique, educational, adventurous, and fun-filled.  
  • April Adventuress are an integral part of the EAS curriculum and, as such, are not optional.  All students participate.
  • Trips must fill to a minimum number of students to take place and are not the same from year-to-year.
  • Every trip is reviewed by LWSD Risk Management for approval.


As we work to rearrange the EAS calendar for the remainder of the 2020 school year, the general plan for April Adventures is to reschedule for a time following the re-opening of schools. Please be patient as there are a great many details to work out for this to happen. Further details will be announced by email or via the EAS News Bulletin.  Stay tuned...

April Adventures 2020

"How 'Bout Them Apples, Battles, and Capitols" 
with Mr. Hamilton & Ms. Minato  
Estimated cost $1900-$2100
40-60 students
Saturday, April 18 – Friday, April 24th

Join Mr. Hamilton and Ms. Minato for a 6-day, 6-night adventure to the East coast. The trip begins in Richmond, Virginia with an exploration of colonial Williamsburg and Jefferson’s Monticello residence. Then head to Washington DC for two days to visit monuments, museums, memorials and more! See our nation’s capital, Arlington National Cemetery, and world-renowned exhibits at the Smithsonian. Next the journey takes you to Gettysburg to see one of the most famous battlefields of the Civil War and to Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Constitution. Finally, explore the Big Apple and tour the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and much of the lower Manhattan cityscape. If you’ve never been to a Broadway show, then make it a first on “How ‘Bout Them Apples, Battles, and Capitols”!

"Ride Oregon Stars" 
with Mr. Rose
Estimated Cost $850-$900
Maximum of 30 students
Monday, April 20 – Saturday, April 25

The Environmental & Adventure School will host a 6-day 5-night excursion to the dusty trails and deep clear skies of central Oregon. Mr. Rose will be the teacher hosting this expedition through the zippy trails, natural hot springs, bright clear skies and scenic biological beauty of central Oregon while aboard the Green Tortoise adventure travel bus. The rugged eastside of the Oregon Cascades offers opportunities to ride bikes through many miles of trail, and journey to unique cool places such as the Makenzie River Blue Pool and Terwilliger Hot Springs. Students will hike, read, landscape interpret and mountain bike through these places.     
The expedition price includes all meals and lodging as well as activities for the trip. Mountain bikes can be rented if students do not have access their own. We will depart from EAS on April 20, and return to EAS on Saturday April 25.

“Salish Sea Kayak & Sail”
with Ms. Andrada
Estimated Cost $500-$550 
24-28 students
Monday April 20 – Friday April 24

Join Ms. Andrada for a 5-day and 3-night overnight/day-trip combination. This aquatic adventure will have us kayaking and sailing in the waters of the Salish Sea.

On Monday we’ll head north to Anacortes to catch the ferry to San Juan Island.  We’ll be greeted in Friday Harbor by our kayak guides who will be with us throughout the week.  Over the course of the trip we’ll paddle, learn to depend on each other, paddle, cook our own food, paddle, sleep in tents, paddle some more, and take in all the terrestrial and marine life along the way!  We’ll return from this portion of the trip on Thursday evening where you’ll sleep in the comfort of your own bed. On Friday, we’ll team up with Mrs. Boone’s trip for a day of sailing in the urban waters of Lake Union with the Center for Wooden Boats. |

Students must to be able to comfortably paddle a tandem sea kayak for up to 3 hours at a time to participate fully. Participants will be given a safety orientation for all water activities and will be provided with all necessary gear for kayaking and sailing, including PFDs, spray skirts, etc.  The trip fee includes all kayak gear rentals and instruction, food during the kayaking portion of the trip, fare for the ferry, and sailing on Friday. Students will need to bring, their own packed lunch on the first and last days of the trip. Participants MUST have a full set of quality rain gear, a compressible sleeping bag, and a compressible sleeping pad! The final cost is dependent upon final itinerary & number of participants.

“Explore the Gorge”
with Mr. Healy  
Estimated Cost - $350 - $450
24-30 Students
Monday, April 20th – Saturday, April 25

Join Mr. Healy on a 6-day adventure that explores the Columbia River Gorge! This spectacular river canyon, carved by volcanic eruptions and Ice Age floods, is a treasure trove of adventure. During the week we’ll take short hikes to spectacular waterfalls, Native American petroglyphs, and scenic viewpoints. We’ll also tour dams and fish hatcheries, visit world-famous museums of art & history, explore a rainforest canopy on zip-lines & sky bridges, and spend an evening stargazing at an observatory. Travelling in vans from Seattle, we’ll camp in tents, prepare our own meals, and have nightly campfires.  Throughout the trip we will meet with rangers and working scientists in the field who will help us learn more about the history, ecology & geology of this scenic region. The final cost is dependent upon final itinerary & number of participants.

“Out & About around the Sound”
with Sra. Boone 
Estimated Cost: $250
12-16 students
Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 24

Sleep in your own cozy bed and enjoy a week of fun activities around the Puget Sound including downtown Seattle and more.  See things from new perspectives and explore them with your friends!  Be ready for a variety of experiences, exploration and adventures including city landmarks, food, art, sports venues and fun outdoor activities. On Friday we will team up with Ms. Andrada’s group for a day of urban sailing on the waters of Lake Union with the Center for Wooden Boats.  We will use public transportation most days and students will need to bring snacks and lunches most days as well.