EAS Student and Family Expenses

The Adventure Education, Community Stewardship, and extended learning programs offered at EAS require funding beyond the per pupil allotment provided by Lake Washington School District and Washington State. Funding for these programs involves commitment of EAS staff, the PTO, and families of EAS students.


  • Grant Funding:  EAS staff write grants for specific needs related to Adventure Education and Community Stewardship Projects. Since EAS opened in 1999, staff have acquired an average of $20,000 per school year in grant funding.


  • EAS Family Contribution:  EAS family contributions support the extended learning programs unique to EAS (Adventure Education, Community Stewardship Projects, and Wednesday Electives). As a school community, we are committed to no school-sponsored fundraising programs. Individual families are asked to make an annual contribution (average range of $250-$500) per child per year to EAS PTO in lieu of all other fundraisers.
  • EAS PTO Membership:  An annual $25 membership fee per family covers operating costs of the PTO. Families are encouraged to join the EAS PTO.
  • Volunteer Hours:  EAS extended learning programs (Excursions, Community Stewardship,  Wednesday Electives and special projects) depend on extensive parent volunteer participation. 
  • Consumable Materials Fee:  Annual cost is $30 which covers consumable materials used in Art, Spanish, Math and Science.
  • Fall and End-of-Year Camps:  These events are largely covered by grant monies and donations. Each student pays a food/supplies fee of $150 for each of these camps.
  • April Adventures:  Students choose from a list of 5 or 6 trips offered by the EAS teachers. Costs for each trip vary and can range from $400 for a local activity to an occasionally offered cross country or travel abroad opportunity costing as much as $2000.
  • Wednesday Electives:  EAS offers a large range of elective classes throughout the school year. Electives generally fall into three primary categories: (1) Arts & Crafts, (2) Technology, and (3) Sports & Fitness. Some classes, facilitated by volunteers, cost nothing or only a nominal fee for supplies needed for the class. Other electives offered off campus include such activities as: Rowing, Golf, Indoor Rock Climbing; Bowling; Martial Arts, Candy Making; Cake Decorating; Water Sports; Trampoline; Parkour. The fees for these activities for an EAS group are much less than what it would cost an individual. The average cost for activities of this nature is $50 - $125 for a 5 – 6 week session.

EAS Shuttle Bus (optional): LWSD offers an optional shuttle bus service for EAS students for an annual fee. For the 2023-2024 school year, the annual cost is $375.  


  • RaiseRight (Scrip) Program:  All families of currently enrolled students can participate in the PTO-organized Scrip program. Using Scrip for purchases they would normally make over the year, it is possible for a family to raise a significant amount of money towards the aforementioned expenses (excluding the EAS Shuttle fee and volunteer time commitment).
  • Corporate Match:  Some businesses offer matching donations for charitable contributions of money or volunteer time. The EAS PTO is a 501(c) (3) organization. Corporate match dollars received by the EAS PTO or directly by the school will be used for programs, supplies, and expenses that benefit ALL students.
  • Financial assistance for some of the program expenses outlined above is available through the EAS PTO for qualifying students. Families who wish to make a donation to the financial assistance program are welcome to do so. Contact the EAS office if you have questions about the financial assistance program.