Students are required to attend each class daily unless they are properly excused.

Absence from school due to illness or other justifiable reasons will be excused provided that a parent notifies the office by phone (425-936-2355) or email ( when the student is absent.

Pre-arranged absences for time out of school require parent permission and the student is responsible for getting assignments from all teachers prior to absence. Pre-arranged absence forms are available in the office.

When returning to school from an absence or if arriving late to school, students must check in at the office to obtain an Admit Slip to class. Excessive absence or tardiness to school, whether excused or unexcused, is a disruption to the learning environment and will be dealt with accordingly.

Please try to schedule all personal appointments (e.g., doctor, dentist, etc.) outside of school hours so that your student doesn't miss important instructional time.

Remote School Attendance Procedures

      September 2020

Parents, during this time of remote instruction, we are still responsible for monitoring and accurately recording student attendance. If your child is not participating in online instruction on any given day, please be sure to notify the office by phone 425.936.2355 or email, preferably no later than 9:00 AM each day that your student is absent. Absences due to illness, medical appointment or an emergency situation will be excused. Also, please note that even if your child informs their teachers that they are sick or otherwise not attending online classes, all self-reported absences still require parent confirmation. Thank you!

Added notes for students:

  • Please be on time to all classes and meetings!
  • If you are having difficulty joining a class, be sure to email the class teacher and let them know you can't get in.

Pre Arranged Absence Information

EAS strongly recommends that parents avoid taking students out of school for family vacations at times other than LWSD holidays. Missed class time affects student learning and may negatively impact grades. Not only is the absent student impacted, but the entire class group is affected when other students miss school. Students who are pulled from school for more than one day for a pre-planned absence are expected to follow these procedures:

  1. Student picks up a LWSD Secondary Pre-Arranged Absence Form* from the EAS Office (*Note: EAS has an enhanced version of this form and it is important that the EAS version of the form is used rather than the standard form found on the district website.). EAS office staff will fill in the number of absences student has to-date and student will take this form home for parent’s completion and signature. The signed and completed form must be returned to the EAS office.
  2. AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF THE ABSENCE, student picks up Pre-Arranged Student Absence Assignments forms (one for each class) in the office and gives them to each of his/her teachers. Teachers will fill in assignments that student must complete during his/her absence and return the form back to the student.
  3. All assignments are due the date the student returns to school unless otherwise arranged with individual teachers.

Assignments teachers provide for a pre-arranged absence will be those that the student can reasonably accomplish on his/her own. Students are expected to turn in these assignments upon return to school or by the due date established with individual teachers. Students will be graded on these assignments. If an assignment is missing, they will receive a "0". Teachers will not hold make up classes or set up labs or projects for missed class work that is deemed "irreplaceable".