Communication Policy

EAS Communication and Decision-Making Process

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Communication, trust, and effective decision-making are the foundation of a successful school. It is imperative that we are respectful toward all members of our school community as we work together on behalf of all EAS students. At EAS, staff, parents, and students work hard to maintain a positive communication process so that we can discuss ideas and address issues and concerns in an open and timely manner.

This process is designed to ensure a consistent avenue of communication for all members of the EAS community. Individual parents and students have direct access to the teachers and principal of EAS. Concerns are communicated directly to the appropriate person and information is clarified at its source.

When parents have a question or concern about their child’s academic progress or social adjustment to school, the first step is to email or call the teacher(s) involved. A follow up to this initial contact may be a conference that includes parents, teachers, and the student.

Conferences can be initiated by parents, students, or teachers. Our goal is that every conference has a positive outcome for the student involved. Unless otherwise arranged, students are expected to be involved in teacher conferences with parents.

Suggestions and ideas for the various programs at EAS are always welcome and should be addressed with the Lead Teacher or other members of the EAS staff who will examine the suggestion and respond in a timely manner to the initiating parent(s) or student(s).

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