RaiseRight Program (formerly Scrip)

Raise funds towards your student's school expenses through the EAS RaiseRight Program (formerly known as Scrip).

What is RaiseRight?
RaiseRight fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families to earn money for EAS school fees.Think of RaiseRight as another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards (physical or electronic cards) in place of cash, checks, and credit cards.

You purchase gift cards from RaiseRight at face value. RiaseRight gives a percentage discount on each card, which is applied to your family's PTO RaiseRight account. For example, you purchase a $100 Target gift card for $100. If the discount for Target is 5% on the day you order, RaiseRight sends the PTO $5 which is added to our family's RaiseRight balance. You can use that $5 for school expenses anytime by emailing the Coordinator at scrip@easpto.org.

RaiseRight offers more than 700 of the country's biggest retailers, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using RaiseRight gift cards to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you could earn $500 or more per year.  Put your shopping dollars to work!

How do I set-up a RaiseRight account and place an order?
Detailed instructions for setting up an account and ordering gift cards are located under the Helpful Links box on this page.

When can I place an order for ELECTRONIC gift cards?
Anytime day or night, 365 days a year. Purchase electronic cards (e-cards) using the RaiseRight app or go to www.raiseright.com.  E-cards are typically available within several minutes of ordering. Before you get in line at a store or click "purchase" at an online retailer, pop over to the RaiseRight app or website to grab a gift card for the amount you're about to spend. It's fast and easy.

When can I place an order for PHYSICAL gift cards?
EAS places an order for physical cards once per month - see Order Deadlines & Delivery Dates for details. Gift cards will arrive at EAS 5-10 days after the monthly order and can be sent home with your student. Remember you can purchase physical cards at anytime, but they arrive at the school once a month.

What happens with my RaiseRight balance at the end of the school year?
Balances are carried over each year in your family account and can be used for each child you have entering the school. Any unused accumulated balance will be donated to EAS PTO upon leaving the school. For tax reporting purposes (on both sides) rebates are intended to be used for school related expenses paid through the school. All families are encouraged to use rebates towards school related expenses during the current year.


Helpful Links

Order Deadlines & Delivery Dates

October 22 (delivery 11/01)
November 12 (delivery 11/22)
December 3 (delivery 12/13)
January 21 (delivery 1/31)
February 25 (delivery 3/06)
March 24 (delivery (4/03)
April 28 (delivery 5/08)
May 19 (delivery 5/29)
June 9 (delivery 6/19)