Scrip Program

Raise funds towards your student's school expenses through the EAS Scrip Program.

EAS Scrip - "Fundraiser for You!"

How Scrip generates revenue for you...
You select and purchase Scrip online at face value. Hundreds of merchants offer varying rebates from 2-16%. At EAS, we track each family's purchases separately, so that 100% of the proceeds will go exclusively towards your child's school expenses (family contribution, expedition fees, lab fees, Wednesday electives, spring trips, etc.). You decide how to use your Scrip funds!

What kinds of Scrip are available?
The participating retailer list is extensive: groceries, gas, clothing, toys, books, dining out, movie tickets and even hotel stays can be paid for with Scrip. You can also use Scrip for many online retailers such as Amazon, and you can reload some cards such as Starbucks and Safeway.

How do I set-up a Scrip account and place an order?
Detailed instructions for setting up an account and ordering Scrip are located under Scrip Links to the right.

When can I place an order?
EAS places a Scrip order once per month (calendar is sent to Scrip Families). Scrip will arrive at the end of the week in which it is ordered and will be distributed in person.

What happens with my Scrip balance at the end of the school year?
If your child is not leaving the school (or if you have another student entering the school), your balance is carried over each year. For tax reporting purposes (on both sides) rebates are intended to be used for school related expenses paid through the school or companies hired by the school to facilitate payment. Balances are carried over each year in your family account and can be used for each child you have entering the school. Any unused accumulated balance will be donated to EAS PTO upon leaving the school. All families are encouraged to use rebates towards school related expenses during the current year.

Scrip Links

Scrip Order Deadlines & Delivery Dates

September 17 (delivery 9/22)
October 8 (delivery 10/13)
November 12 (delivery 11/17)
December 3 (delivery 12/8)
January 7 (delivery 1/12)
February 4 (delivery 2/9)
March 18 (delivery (3/23)
May 6 (delivery 5/11)
June 10 (delivery 6/15)

NOTE: There will be no physical gift card delivery in April due to Spring Break and Spring Trips.