Student Transportation

EAS serves students who live throughout Lake Washington School District. It is each family’s own responsibility to arrange their student’s daily transportation to/from school. Following are the current options.

Transportation Options

  • Currently the district offers shuttle bus service to EAS students for a nominal annual fee. The EAS shuttle primarily serves students living on the eastside of the district. Parents must register their student for EAS shuttle service directly through the district.  The current shuttle schedule can be viewed here:

2019-20 Choice School Shuttle Schedule

  • Many EAS families choose to carpool with other families living in their area. Families can use the map posted in the EAS office in conjunction with the published student directory to make carpool arrangements amongst themselves.
  • Students who live beyond a one mile radius from the EAS campus are eligible for a district provided Metro ORCA pass each year. ORCA passes can be obtained from the EAS office. (Note: Students who are registered for the EAS shuttle are not eligible to receive a district issued ORCA pass.)
  • Students who reside within the Finn Hill Middle School attendance area may ride the Finn Hill bus that serves their neighborhood.

While parents are responsible for arranging their student’s daily transportation to/from school, transportation for EAS camp excursions, Wednesday Electives, and Community Stewardship Projects is coordinated by school staff.