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Supply List

Following is the list of supplies that students must bring to school. Students need to maintain and replenish their school supplies throughout the year. Please permanently label all items with student's name.

Sturdy school backpack
12 No. 2 pencils (refill throughout the year)
2 Black or blue ink pens (refill throughout the year)
1 Red correcting pens/pencils (refill throughout the year)
1 Yellow highlighting marker
1 Calculator (see Note below)
1 3-inch 3-ring binder (**NO ZIPPERED BINDERS OR ACCORDIAN FILES**)
1-2 Pencil pouch(es)
1 Set of 3-ring dividers for binder (7 or more dividers)
1 Package college-ruled notebook paper (refill throughout the year)
1 5 x 7" spiral-bound field notebook for outdoor field study notes in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag
1 5 x 7" bound journal (not spiral) for expeditions (to be used all 3 years at EAS)
2 Reams of white 8 ½ x 11", 20 lb. printer paper
1 Glue stick
1 Set (at least 12) good quality colored pencils
1 Set (at least 24) good quality fine tip colored markers (e.g., Pentel)
1 Pink or gum eraser
1 Box of Kleenex
1 30 cm metric ruler (equivalent to 12 inches)
2 Packages 3 x 5" lined note cards
1 USB2.0 Jump Drive (portable file storage)- 1 GB minimum capacity
1 OPTIONAL ITEM, BUT STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Neoprene Netbook pouch/sleeve/carrier (Netbooks are 13” X 10”)

Most math classes require calculators. Students will receive calculator requirements specific to their individual math placement when school begins in the Fall.
Math 6, 7 (Pre-Alg I), 8 (Pre-Alg II) – TI-30X Scientific Calculator (or equivalent)
Algebra 1, Geometry – Graphing Calculator (such as TI-84 Basic, Plus or Silver Edition)

Outdoor Gear for Community Stewardship Projects and School Expeditions
Students must bring the following items to school when needed.

  • Pair sturdy work gloves with reinforced suede or leather palms (not cotton).
  • Pair mid-calf high waterproof boots (barn-boots, muck boots, high-top rubber large enough to wear with a heavy pair of socks during colder weather)
  • Waterproof, hooded rain jacket and pants (large enough to wear over warm clothing)
  • Warm hat that covers ears (stocking cap)
  • Leak-proof water bottle