Parent volunteers are essential for the success of EAS programs! School staff and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) coordinate committees and individual parents to support and assist in facilitating a wide range of school projects and activities. Every family is expected to contribute 25 hours volunteer service or in-kind donations of needed resources each year. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving and chaperoning students on field study days and adventure learning excursions
  • Driving and chaperoning students for Wednesday Electives
  • Facilitating special school projects and enrichment activities
  • Assisting with clerical tasks in the school office

Each family is responsible for recording and electronically reporting their volunteer service hours to EAS. Families can use the Volunteer Hours Tracking Log to manually track their volunteer time throughout the year. Periodically throughout the year, families will be reminded to electronically submit their volunteer time via the online submissions form. This is the only method we use to track each family's volunteer time throughout the year.